New to Shawnee Trail

What to Expect

  1. A Comfortable Environment: You don’t have to dress up to fit in at Shawnee Trail. Visit just once and you’ll see how we keep things casual, and would rather focus on character over image. We hope that each week you will come as you are and leave a little better.
  2. Friendly People: Some people might think that church is an unfriendly place, especially the first time you visit. But that’s not true at Shawnee Trail! From the moment you walk in, you will connect with warm, friendly people who are genuinely interested in getting to know you.
  3. Relevant Messages: Each week you will hear a message that is true to God’s word and applicable to your daily life. Our goal is to communicate the words of the eternal, powerful God in a new and life-changing way.
  4. Participatory Worship: One of the unique things about Shawnee Trail is that our music is a cappella; that is, we sing without using any instruments. We love the beauty and joy of worshiping God from our hearts with our voices. We believe you will find the singing meaningful and uplifting, with everyone being invited to participate.

Our church also shares in communion during our worship each week. During this time, trays of unleavened bread (symbolizing the body of Jesus) and cups of grape juice (symbolizing the blood of Jesus) are passed around the auditorium. You certainly aren’t required to participate and, if you’d like, simply pass the trays to the next person. Likewise, we take up a financial offering from our members as part of our worship. Our guests are never expected to give.

  1. Opportunities for your Entire Family: Starting with our Children’s Ministry and continuing on to our Youth Ministry and Young Adults class, your children will be given the support they need to grow, and have a great time doing it! Our goal is to provide your children, whatever age, the tools necessary to live a fulfilling and exciting life following Jesus.
  2. Authentic Relationships: Shawnee Trail isn’t about filling a seat on Sunday – it is about relationships. We’re thankful for the wonderful relationships that God has blessed us with, and we’re excited about the ones he has planned for the future.  Authentic, caring relationships aren’t easy to find, but if you are looking, you will find them here.
  3. Deep Convictions: We sincerely believe that God knows best. Because of this conviction, we are serious about obeying God and we hold tight to certain non-negotiable truths. We understand that some matters are up for dispute, but other central topics of our faith are indisputable. Our approach is to “major on the majors” and “minor on the minors”.